What charts and data does ForeFlight provide for Europe?

The best source for information on included subscription data and optional VFR add-ons for Europe is the European Data Page. Visit the page to view included charts and documents for each country as well as information on available VFR add-ons by national providers.

ForeFlight Europe includes aerodrome charts, IFR procedure charts, and AIP documents* for all countries. All charts and documents are sourced directly from Eurocontrol. IFR enroute charts and VFR procedure charts are also included for most countries. VFR ICAO charts are currently only included for Denmark, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, The Netherlands, France, and Italy. All other countries require additional licensing fees for their VFR data, and we offer multiple different extra-cost VFR enroute chart options from providers such as DFS, Rogers, and AirMillion.

For countries with no included VFR chart, ForeFlight’s global Aeronautical layer is a great alternative to the ICAO VFR charts. With a Europe subscription, ForeFlight’s global Aeronautical Map includes Jeppesen’s European VFR Navdata in addition to IFR data, supporting both VFR and IFR flying in Europe. Jeppesen’s European VFR Navdata includes VFR Waypoints (Standard and Helicopter), VFR Procedures including Entries & Exits, Traffic Circuits, Holds, No Overfly Areas, Nature Areas, and more. You can read more about the Global Aeronautical layer in our Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile. To get off to a good start using the Aeronautical layer, we also recommend our article on setting up your maps for VFR flying in Europe.

ForeFlight also provides a wide range of add-on VFR charts and bundles from national providers so you can fly with the charts you are used to. Information about content, scale, and pricing for these add-ons can be found on the European Data Page.

You can always contact team@foreflight.com if you have questions about the available add-ons or need help to find the best setup to suit your needs.


* some countries do not provide the VFR section of the AIP