How to download missing terminal charts after changing Jeppesen coverages

If you change your Jeppesen coverages, you must swipe-delete the Jeppesen Terminal Charts to access the new coverages in ForeFlight Mobile and then re-download them.

An example of a change that may apply would be adding a coverage area to your existing coverage purchased through ForeFlight on our website. Additionally, buying a Jeppesen Trip Kit directly from Jeppesen that is then added to the Jeppesen account that you have linked to your ForeFlight account will require that you use the steps in this article. 

To swipe-delete the Jeppesen Terminal Charts then re-download them, follow these steps:



Tap More > Downloads

STEP 2. Scroll down to the JEPPESEN CHARTS section.


Scroll down to the "JEPPESEN CHARTS" section

STEP 3. Swipe-delete the Jeppesen Terminal Charts entry by swiping your finger from right to left across that line item, and then tap the red DELETE button.


Swipe-delete Jeppesen Terminal Charts

STEP 4. To download the updated Jeppesen Terminal Charts, tap the blue download arrow next to Terminal Charts, or tap the blue DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the page.


Download Jeppesen Terminal Charts