How are the Out, Off, On, and In fields populated in a logbook entry?

The Out, Off, On, and In (OOOI) fields in a logbook entry can be populated in three different ways.

Method 1: Manual Entry

You can manually add the OOOI times into a logbook draft. This is most common when you are in the aircraft and choose to make those entries as you are actually Out, Off, On, and In.

Method 2: Entry from a Flight Plan

If you entered OOOI times in a Flight under FLIGHTS > [Select a Flight] > TIMES, then those times will be added to the logbook draft when you send that flight to the logbook.

Method 3: Track Log Auto-Fill

If you have a track log recording for a flight, the app will auto-fill the OOOI times based on the track log information. Out time will be the time of the first recorded data point, which can be up to 30 minutes prior to liftoff. The Off time is the time at which you exceed 60 knots on takeoff. On time is the time when a landing is detected and then the In time will be about 15 minutes after the landing detection.