How can I get high-resolution (5Hz) Track Log recordings with a Stratus 2, 2S, or 3?

Track Logs recorded and uploaded directly through ForeFlight Mobile have GPS data that is recorded at ~1Hz (~1 sample per second). This is true even if ForeFlight Mobile is connected to a Stratus during the flight. However, if the Stratus Flight Data Recorder function is turned ON, then the Stratus automatically records a higher-resolution Track Log directly into the Stratus's memory. The higher-resolution Track Log is recorded by the Stratus at ~5Hz (~5 samples per second).

To record the higher-resolution Track Logs for flights, connect your device to the Stratus WiFi network and go to MORE > DEVICES > STRATUS > FLIGHT DATA RECORDER and turn the "Enabled" switch ON.


Image 1. Flight Data Recorder Enabled in MORE > DEVICES > STRATUS . 

To access Track Logs that were recorded at the higher-resolution, connect your device to the Stratus WiFi network and tap MORE > DEVICES > STRATUS > TRACK LOGS. You can also go to MORE > TRACK LOGS and tap the STRATUS LOGS button in the upper-right.


Image 2. Tap the STRATUS LOGS button on MORE > TRACK LOGS.

On the Stratus Track Logs page, tap the "Cloud" button next to the Track Log you wish to transfer from the Stratus to ForeFlight Mobile. Depending on the length of the flight, it may take a few minutes to transfer the Track Log to ForeFlight Mobile.


Image 3. Tap the "Cloud" button to transfer a Track Log from the Stratus to ForeFlight Mobile.

After a Track Log has been transferred from the Stratus to ForeFlight Mobile, the cloud button will no longer be displayed. 


Image 4. Transferred Track Logs no longer have a "Cloud" button.

After transferring a Track Log from the Stratus to ForeFlight Mobile, you may notice what appear to be duplicate entries in More > Track Logs. These are not duplicated track logs, but as you can see in image 5, the original Track Log is below the newly transferred Track Log.


Image 5. Original and newly-imported Stratus Track Logs.

Note: the "Logbook" icon (looks like a book) next to the original track log GPS source, indicates it was used to create a Logbook entry.

You can edit the name of one of the track logs to clarify which is the original and which was transferred from the Stratus (The Stratus Track Log is a larger file due to the higher recording rate). Tap the Track Log, then tap the "Name" field to rename it. Tap in any of the other editable fields you wish to customize.


Image 6. Renamed Track Log.


Image 7. Renamed track log in the Track Log list.

Once the Track Log imported from the Stratus has synchronized to your account on ForeFlight's servers, you will be able to see it in the Track Logs list on ForeFlight on the Web

To allow the transferred Track Log to synchronize from ForeFlight Mobile on your device to your account on ForeFlight's servers, after transferring the Track Log from the Stratus to your device, you must disconnect your device from the Stratus WiFi, connect it to the Internet (preferably via WiFi), and re-open ForeFlight Mobile. 


Image 8. Track Logs synchronized to your ForeFlight account.

To download the higher-resolution Track Log from your account in ForeFlight on the Web, click on the Track Log in the list, then click the DOWNLOAD button in the upper-right of the Track Log view. Choose either "KML (Full)" or "CSV".


Image 9. Download "KML (Full)" or "CSV" file.