Why isn't Synthetic Vision working on my iPhone?



Beginning with ForeFlight version 10.5, ForeFlight’s advanced hazard awareness capability and backup attitude indicator are now available on the iPhone. If you're unable to activate Synthetic Vision on your iPhone, try these troubleshooting steps.

STEP 1: Is Synthetic Vision included in your plan?

Synthetic Vision for iPhone requires an active ForeFlight Pro Plus, Performance Plus, or Business account with Synthetic Vision added on. If you currently don't have one of these plans and would like to upgrade, please visit this link: foreflight.com/pricing

If your plan does not include Synthetic Vision, you'll still be able to utilize the backup attitude indicator with a supported AHRS device.


Image 1. iPhone Backup Attitude Indicator Displays

STEP 2: Do you currently have ForeFlight version 10.5 or higher installed?

Synthetic Vision for iPhone requires ForeFlight Mobile EFB version 10.5 or higher. You can check to see what version of ForeFlight you have installed by opening ForeFlight Mobile EFB and selecting MORE > ABOUT. If you don't have ForeFlight version 10.5 or higher, you can update your version of ForeFlight from the Apple App Store. See this link for more information.

STEP 3: Do you have an iPhone 5, 5s, or SE?

Synthetic Vision for iPhone is not available on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone SE.

STEP 4: Do you have High-Resolution Terrain downloaded?

Synthetic Vision requires high-resolution terrain downloaded to your device in order to work properly. You can download high-resolution terrain by selecting MORE > DOWNLOADS > UNITED STATES > HIGH-RESOLUTION TERRAIN (or in place of the United States, select the area you require).

Once you've selected the download, tap the black "Downloads" BACK BUTTON to go back. Tap the blue DOWNLOAD button to download the High-Resolution Terrain data.

STEP 5: Is your iPhone's display set to Standard?

Synthetic Vision for iPhone may require that your display is set to Standard. To check your settings, follow these steps:

1. Open your iPhone's Settings app and select DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS. 


3. Select STANDARD.

4. Save your setting by selecting SET.