How can I update my Simulator to allow Currency tracking?

In this article, we will discuss how to update your Simulators to take full advantage of ForeFlight Logbook’s simulator tracking.

Previously to ForeFlight’s 10.4 update, a Simulator was created by selecting one of the Simulator options within the Category/Class field of an aircraft. Simulators were also excluded from currency tracking, making it difficult for users to keep their Logbook current while flying Simulators. ForeFlight Logbook now provides full support for flight simulators, making it easier for you to log time and update flight currency using four different types of simulators. After updating to ForeFlight 10.4.3, a new field called Equipment Type will be available and Aircraft and Simulators in ForeFlight Logbook will be given the Equipment Type of "Aircraft".

In the example below, we will be updating “SIM 1”, an ATD that is used to log simulator time. Previously to 10.4, this is generally how a Simulator would be setup in ForeFlight Logbook.



The first thing you will notice is the addition of the Equipment Type field. After updating to 10.4.3, ForeFlight will set all aircraft and simulators to have “Aircraft” in the Equipment Type field. Because of this, the first step in updating your Simulator is going to be changing the Equipment Type field to one of the four simulator options.

In the example below, we just finished updating to 10.4.3 and SIM 1 now shows “Aircraft” in the Equipment Type field:


Tap Equipment Type and change Equipment Type to any of the four Simulator classifications:



After selecting Equipment Type, the shortened list of Simulator fields will be available:

  1. Simulator Name will be populated from the Aircraft ID field;
  2. Represented Aircraft Type will be populated from the Type Code field (if it was previously populated); and

Represented Aircraft Category/Class will be populated from the Category/Class field (if it was previously populated).lb_8.jpg

NOTE:  Represented Aircraft Type and Represented Category/Class must be entered in order for accurate Simulator currency tracking.