How are Stadium TFRs shown on the Maps page?

Stadium TFRs are graphically presented on the Maps page when the TFRs layer is selected. No additional setting is required to view them. Stadium TFR's, however, can only be seen when connected to the internet or, if you Pack prior to flight, the Stadium TFR's will be available in-flight even when using an ADS-B receiver. Stadium TFR's are not broadcast over the ADS-B system.

The FAA does not publish specific stadium TFR's. Instead, they publish a single NOTAM (FDC NOTAM 0/367) that defines what would qualify as a stadium TFR. To help pilots know when they can not fly over stadiums based on the NOTAM, ForeFlight monitors event schedules for Major League Baseball, the National Football League, NCAA Football, Indy Car, NASCAR Sprint Cup, and Champ series events and integrates that information into the TFR layer on the Maps page. When a TFR description is viewed on the Maps page, these events may display "(seatgeek)" next to the active date & time.

ForeFlight looks forward three days for events that match the criteria defined by FDC NOTAM 0/367. The default duration for each event that is matched is set to six hours. Red TFRs are those that are active or will be active in the next 8 hours. Yellow TFRs are those that are inactive for at least the next 8 hours. As always, we recommend communicating with ATC in flight to steer clear of these areas when they are active.

To view TFR's, go to the Maps view, tap on the drop-down menu in the upper left, and select TFRs from the overlay options.


Maps page with Aeronautical Map and TFR layers selected.  


Tapping on a TFR reveals additional information. 
One other thing to note about TFRs is that if the FAA publishes a TFR without graphical shape information, it may not appear in the Maps overlay. We encourage you to also check the Airports page > NOTAMs > TFRs, as well as with ATC, for any additional TFR information. For the most comprehensive preflight information, we recommend getting a ForeFlight Graphical Briefing.
Additional TFRs may be found under AIRPORTS > NOTAMs > TFR.