How do I send you log files from my SXAR1 system?

If you have turned the logging switch to ON using the SXAR1 status page, a log file will be created that contains various data messages received during flight. The contents of these files are not useful for your needs, but they can be useful for troubleshooting by the ForeFlight Pilot Support Team.

To send us the SXAR1 log files that are stored on your iPad or iPhone, please follow these steps:

STEP 1. Within the ForeFlight app go to MORE > DEVICES.
STEP 2. In the blue banner at the top, tap on the word DEVICES three times.
Image 1. Tap the word DEVICES three times.
STEP 3. From the popover that appears, select ALL DATES.
Image 2.  Select ALL DATES.
STEP 4. Select the MAIL app or another app you use to for your email.
Image 3.  Select your email app.
STEP 5. From the email window that appears, enter '' in the TO field, in the subject line enter your case number if you have one, and then select the SEND button.
Image 4.  Enter "' in the TO field. Enter your case number in the subject line. Select the SEND button to email the files.