How do the Sentry, Sentry Mini, and Stratus 3 compare to each other?

Below is a comparison chart that delineates the features for the Sentry, Sentry Mini, and the Stratus 3.


 Sentry Mini

Price $499     $299   $699
Subscription Free ADS-B Weather  ✓    ✓
ADS-B Traffic - 978 MHz (UAT)  ✓  ✓
ADS-B Traffic - 1090 MHz (ES)  ✓  ✓
Built-in WAAS GPS  
Backup Attitude (built-in AHRS)  ✓ X  ✓
Flight Data Recorder X X  ✓
Pressure Altitude sensor X  ✓
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor X  X
USB Type C Connector  ✓
All-day battery life 12+ hours  Uses an external battery  8+ hours
Optional remote ADS-B antenna X X  
Optional remote GPS antenna X X  ✓

Wi-Fi Connection


ForeFlight Mobile version*

10.2 or later 11.6 or later 10.2 or later

*: See What Apple iOS versions does ForeFlight support? and What version of ForeFlight will work with my iOS? for details about current and supported versions of ForeFlight Mobile.