How do I send you information to help troubleshoot my Garmin device?

To help troubleshoot your Garmin Flight Stream 210, Flight Stream 510, or GTX-345 installation, we would like to get some screenshots from your device.  Here is an article that describes an easy way to take screenshots:

     How do I take a screenshot of what I am seeing in ForeFlight?

With your iPad connected to your avionics via Bluetooth, open ForeFlight Mobile and take a screenshot of the Devices page under MORE > DEVICES.  

Image 1. Take a screenshot of Devices page under MORE > DEVICES.  

While on the Devices page, note that Table 1 below shows the attributes that should be listed in the "Garmin Connext" box according to the hardware you have installed. If you have the particular hardware listed but do not see the associated attributes, it is likely that there was an installation error and/or a firmware update is required.

Device Combination GPS Attitude
(aka: AHRS)
Pressure Altitude ADS-B Flight Plan Transfer
Flight Stream 110 ONLY X  X X X X
Flight Stream 110 WITH GDL88 or GDL84   X X X
Flight Stream 210 ONLY X X X
Flight Stream 210 WITH GNS or GTN Navigator X
Flight Stream 210 WITH GNS or GTN Navigator AND GTX345 or GDL88 or GDL84
Flight Stream 510 ONLY X X X X X
Flight Stream 510 WITH GTN Navigator   from compatible flight deck or display X
Flight Stream 510 WITH GTN Navigator AND GTX345 or GDL88 or GDL84   from compatible flight deck or display       
GTX345 WITH GNS or GTN Navigator X X
GTX345 WITH GNS or GTN Navigator AND Flight Stream 210

Table 1. Supported attributes based upon device combinations.   

Next, take screenshots of the Garmin Connext information page under MORE > DEVICES> GARMIN CONNEXT.  Depending on your Garmin Connext hardware configuration, you will need to scroll down and take 2-3 screenshots to capture all relevant details


Image 2. Take a screenshot of Garmin Connext information page under MORE > DEVICES and then tap the "Garmin Connext" box.

Once you have those screenshots, send the pictures to with a description of the issue you're having.  If you already have an open ticket with the Pilot Support Team regarding your issue, please attach the screenshots in a reply to your existing ticket.