Why don't I see weather in the app when connected to SXAR1?

Confirm that the SXAR1 is correctly “paired” to the iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth like this:

  1. Open the devices SETTINGS app. (grey icon with gears)

  2. Tap on the BLUETOOTH line.

  3. Confirm Bluetooth is turned ON.

  4. Confirm that the SXAR1 shows in the MY DEVICES section of the Bluetooth page.  SXAR1 will be shown in the MY DEVICES list as “SXM_########" which is the Radio ID printed on the bottom of the SXAR1 unit.

If the SXAR1 is not shown in the “MY DEVICES” section, then make sure the SXAR1 is powered ON, and pair it with the iPad per the SXAR1 instructions.

If the SXAR1 is shown in the “MY DEVICES” section but is listed as “Not Connected” the SXAR1 may not be turned ON, or is too far away from the iPad. Turn the SXAR1 ON, or position it closer to the iPad, then if necessary, tap the SXM_######## entry to initiate a connection.

Once the SXAR1 is confirmed to be paired & connected via Bluetooth, check to make sure that the ForeFlight Mobile app version you are running is version 8.1 or later.  You can do so like this:

  1. Open ForeFlight Mobile.

  2. Tap on the MORE tab (lower right).

  3. Tap on the ABOUT section on the left.  The app version is shown at the top-center of the page.  If the app version is less than 8.1, update the app like this:

  a. Close ForeFlight Mobile by pressing the round “home” button on the front of the iPad

  b. Open the Apple App store app.

  c. Tap on the “Updates” tab (lower right).

  d. Tap on the “Update” button next to ForeFlight.

Once ForeFlight Mobile is updated to version 8.1 or later, check that the weather layers are selected on the Maps page within ForeFlight.  You will do this in the upper-left of the Maps page by tapping on the drop-down menu and choose from the available weather overlay options on the right side of the drop-down menu.