How can I view information on airspace type and altitude?

To view information about airspace, such as class B, C, or D airspace, please follow these steps: 

1: From within ForeFlight, select the MAPS tab at the bottom of the screen.
2: Find the airspace you are interested in on the VFR or IFR enroute map.
3: Tap and hold within the airspace area until a pop-over box appears.  The airspace information will be displayed near the top of the pop-over box.

Image 1. Dallas (KDFW) airspace information presented using the touch and hold feature.

You can also use the Aeronautical map to view airspace information. With the Aeronautical map selected to display, when you zoom in on airspace, you will see airspace type and altitude limits. If you then tap and hold in the airspace you want information about, the airspace will be highlighted, and the pop-over will provide details about the airspace.


Image 2. When you zoom into airspace on the Aeronautical map, you will see airspace labels.