How do I pair ForeFlight Mobile with my Garmin GNS 400W/430W or 500W/530W?

To pair your Garmin GNS 400W/430W or 500W/530W with your iPad running ForeFlight Mobile, you will need to have a Garmin Flight Stream 210 unit installed and GNS software version 5.20 or later.

To pair your Garmin and iPad with ForeFlight Mobile via Bluetooth, perform the following:

STEP 1. From your GNS unit, go to the AUX > CONNECT page and select BLUETOOTH STATUS.

STEP 2. On your iPad, open the SETTINGS app and select BLUETOOTH.  Under MY DEVICES, select the Flight Stream device name.

STEP 3. On the GNS' Bluetooth Status page that you selected in Step #1 above, a pop-up window will appear with the options to either allow or deny pairing.  Select ENT to allow the iPad to pair with your GNS.

STEP 4. Once pairing is complete, your iPad's name will be displayed within the GNS on the Bluetooth Status page under Paired Devices.  There is a filled-in square next to devices that have been paired with your GNS.  If the square is not filled in, then the device is available, but not paired with your GNS.

STEP 5. Once your iPad is paired with your GNS system, you can open ForeFlight and view the connection under MORE > DEVICES.  You should see a box for Garmin Connext indicating that the connection is established and listing the data being received through the Flight Stream.

If the Garmin Connext box is not visible, forget the Bluetooth connection using the GNS and then try pairing again.