How long does my downloaded PACK data stay on my device within the app?

Packed data will vary in the duration that it is kept in-app on your device.  Below is a chart that shows how long various packed items will remain on your device.  Time duration varies based upon your device being connected to the internet or not. 

Packed Item  Connected to the Internet Offline
Fuel Prices 1 hour 1 month
Weather Markers (for map) 5 minutes (1 minute during reduced refresh period*) 7 hours
Winds Aloft Markers (for map) 10 minutes (2 minute during reduced refresh period*) 12 hours
Individual Station/Airport Weather Reports 3 minutes (1 minute during reduced refresh period*) 7 hours
NOTAMs 30 minutes 4 days

* Reduced refresh period - When connected to the internet, the app will search for new data more frequently when within 8 minutes before the top of the hour and 12 minutes thereafter until new data is retrieved.