How do I file a delay at a waypoint within the US on my flight plan?

A delay can be entered in your route of flight using ForeFlight Mobile for training flights, military flights, or local flights. A delay can be filed at a waypoint such as an airport identifier, latitude-longitude, fix-radial-distance, intersection, NDB, or VOR formatted as Waypoint/Dh+mm.

Here is an example indicating a 35-minute delay at SKIDS:



Image 1.  35-minute delay at SKIDS entered on Maps view and displayed in the format SKIDS (DELAY 0h35m)


Image 2:  Tap SEND TO and FLIGHTS to send the route to a flight plan form.


Image 3:  Delay is displayed on the flight plan form correctly formatted for filing.

In addition, when using ForeFlight Mobile to file a delay you can also add the delay information to the 'Remarks' to reflect that you plan to delay at a waypoint.  For example, you could enter:

     Delay 35 minutes at SKIDS

Once airborne, make sure the controller knows what your intentions are.