How do I go direct to a waypoint?

There are several ways to select "direct to" a waypoint within ForeFlight Mobile.  Here are some techniques:  

1.  First, you can (1) press and hold your finger on the map to reveal a pop-up. (2) Select MORE next to the Lat/Long or waypoint you desire and then (3) select DIRECT TO.


2.  Next, you can (1) tap on a waypoint in your NavLog (in either NavLog or Edit view) and (2) select DIRECT TO from the pop-up



3.  Third, you can (1) tap on the arrow between waypoints in your NavLog and (2) select DIRECT TO in the pop up.


4.  Last, you can (1) enter a "D" and a space before a waypoint in the search box and then select SEARCH on the keyboard.