Why do I see some NOTAMs on the Airports page, but they are not in a briefing that includes that airport?

ForeFlight can obtain weather briefing information from either Leidos or DUATS.  Briefings obtained from Leidos do not include any FDC NOTAMs in the briefing after they are published in the Notices to Airmen Publication (NTAP).

This is also true if you were to call FSS and obtain a standard briefing.  The briefer would not automatically provide you with NOTAMs that were published in the NTAP and would only do so on a specific request from the pilot. The need to ask for this information is stated in the AIM 5-1-1(d).

We have several ways to ensure you are able to find applicable NOTAMS:

1.  ForeFlight includes all of the airport NOTAMs on the Airport page under the NOTAMs tab.  

2.  If you are viewing an approach plate or taxi diagram, in most cases, we are able to include NOTAMs under a red NOTAM banner on the chart.  

3.  The NTAP document is available within ForeFlight, which can be found under DOCUMENTS > CATALOG > FAA > NOTICES TO AIRMEN.  

Be sure to use the Pack feature prior to flight to check for the most up to date NOTAM information for your proposed route.