ForeFlight shows "Installing" or isn't working on my Apple Watch. What do I do?

If ForeFlight shows "Installing" or isn't working on your Apple Watch, there are a couple of options to try.  You can simply restart your Watch and iPhone or you can reinstall the ForeFlight Watch app.  Start with powering off the devices.

Rebooting Your Devices

You can turn the Watch and iPhone OFF and then back ON by following these steps:

How to turn off the Watch:

1.  Press & hold the button below the round crown knob and then release it when the "Power Off" menu appears.

2.  Swipe to power it off the Watch.

How to turn off the iPhone:

1.  Pressing and hold the "power" button at the top of your device for a few seconds until a red slider appears on the screen.

2.  Swipe to turn off the iPhone.

After the iPhone finishes shutting down, press the "power" button to turn it back on.  Once the iPhone is turned on again, turn the Watch back on by pressing the button below the round crown knob.

Delete & Reinstall the Watch App

If the ForeFlight Watch app is still not working after restarting both the iPhone and Watch, you can delete and reinstall the app using these steps:

1.  Touch-hold the ForeFlight icon on the Watch until you see the "X" and then tap the "X" to delete it.

2.  Once you've deleted the app open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

3.  Scroll down to ForeFlight and tap on the app icon.

4.  Slide the "Show App on Apple Watch" toggle to the right. This will reinstall the app on your Watch.