How do I create custom logbook fields in my logbook spreadsheet template?

You can add custom fields to the ForeFlight Logbook Template (CSV file) available here: 

You will want to replace any of the custom field areas entitled "Custom_(Field Name)" with your own custom field.  The supported formats for a custom field are as follows:

    Text:  [Text]CustomFieldName

    Numeric:  [Numeric]CustomFieldName

    Hours:  [Hours]CustomFieldName

    Counter:  [Counter]CustomFieldName

    Date:  [Date]CustomFieldName

    DateTime: [DateTime]CustomFieldName

    Toggle: [Toggle]CustomFieldName

Numeric entries provide a keyboard with a decimal point for entry of numbers.  The Counter entry allows for choosing whole numbers using a button to increase or decrease the value.  The Hours entry is used to enter time in the HH;MM or decimal format.  The Toggle entry has an on/off switch for that field.

When adding a custom field, text enclosed in "[]" need to be typed exactly as seen above and is case sensitive.  For example, "[Text]" is correct, but "[text]" is not correct.

Here is an example on how to create a custom field. If you would like a field for noting what type of glider launch was used, you could use the [Text]CustomFieldNameformat like this:

     [Text]Launch Type


Image 1.  Example of a custom field added to the Logbook CSV Template.

When you import the CSV file, that entry you made creates a custom text field within Logbook named 'Launch Type'.

Image 2.  Custom field shown in LogBook.  Text can now be entered.