How do I add a waypoint to an existing route?

There are several ways to add a waypoint to a route in ForeFlight on the web.  Below are the common methods:

1.  Search Box.  You can search for the waypoint you want to add to the end of your route using the search box in the upper right.  Once you see your waypoint to add, put your curser over the description and tap the purple "add to route" button.

Image 1.  Selecting the purple "add to route" button will add KPUB to the KCOS to KMTJ route.

2. Direct Entry.  You can insert your cursor into the flight plan editor and type waypoints directly into your flight plan.

Image 2. Inserting a waypoints by manually typing into flight plan.

3. Right-Click Map.  You can right-click on the map near the area you want to add a waypoint to the end of your route and then select your waypoint from the pop-up.

Image 3. Right-click to select a waypoint from the pop-up.

4. Route Dragging.  You can click on the route and drag it to a location that you want in your route.  When you release your mouse button, a pop up will appear with options to choose to add a lat/long value, nearby waypoint, NavAid, or airport ID.

Image 4.  Drag and drop your route line to add a waypoint.