I am trying to renew, but I am getting a notice to remove devices. Why?

You may get a notice of having to remove a device or devices from your account when you try to renew through our website.  

Image 1.  Notice to remove devices.

This notice appears if you have more devices hooked to your account than what is allowed for on the plan you are trying to purchase.  This is not uncommon if you have had a multi-pilot account in the past and are now trying to purchase a single pilot account.  Please see this page that describes how many devices are allowed on a subscription:

     How many devices can I use my subscription on?

To renew your subscription, please remove any devices over what would be allowed on your new subscription.  To remove devices hooked to your account, please see this article:

     How do I remove an iPad, iPhone, or iPod from my account?

Once you have removed devices, you should be able to complete your purchase.