Why is my currency incorrect after importing my logbook?

Your flight currency is determined by flight activity, qualifying events (IE: IPC), and having aircraft profiles properly set up. 

If your currency items aren’t showing the values you expect, the following steps should resolve the conflict:

1. AIRCRAFT PROFILES:  Make sure you have a complete aircraft profile set up for each aircraft you have in your logbook.  Pay particular attention to:

A. Category/Class selections.  Select the category and class for each aircraft profile used in your logbook.  For example, a Caravan on floats should be "Airplane Single Engine Sea (ASES)" and a Citation should be "Airplane Multi Engine Land (AMEL)."

Image 1.  Be sure to set up the proper Category and Class.

B. Gear Type:  Select a gear type for each aircraft profile used on your logbook.  For example, a Piper Cub would be "Fixed Tailwheel (FC)" and a Mooney would be "Retractable Tricycle (RT)."

Image 2.  Be sure to select the proper gear type.

2. LANDINGS:  Verify landing counts on your recent flight entries.  

Image 3.  Verify your landing counts are entered.

3. APPROACHES/HOLDS:  Instrument currency is predicated on approaches and holds entered into your logbook. Verify you’ve logged these within the preceding 6 months

Image 4.  Be sure to enter your approaches and holds.

4. QUALIFYING EVENT:  Select any events that contribute to currency.  For example, use the “IPC” flight tag to mark a checkride or IPC/ICC that should reset your instrument currency.

Image 5.  Enter any qualifying events.

5. CURRENCY SUMMARY: Airplane and ASEL currency are shown by default. Tap the “Add currency summary” button to add other currency types.  

Image 6.  Add currency tracking items.



At this time, the logbook feature does not take into account simulator time towards currency calculations.  If you logged Approaches or Holds in a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) or Flight Training Device (FTD) you can set the Category/Class to the simulated version of the aircraft and your currency will reflect accurately. However, if you logged Approaches or Holds in an Aviation Training Device (ATD) it will not because that currency is based on a 2 month cycle.