What do the various Radio States mean with my XM system?

Here are some brief descriptions concerning the various Radio States you may see with your XM system connected to ForeFlight:

1. Activation in Process: The receiver is in activation mode and is activating.

2. Initializing: This occurs when the Mobile Link is first powered up and communication is being established.

3. Online: The receiver is online and receiving data.  Radio State should be ONLINE. If it is not, you likely need to activate or refresh your account with Sirius/XM.

4. Reset in Progress: This can occurs when the receiver is attempting to activate and when the softcycle is received. The softcycle only occurs every 30 minutes after all the data products have been received.

5. Unknown: This should only occur when the receiver has been unplugged from the Mobile Link.

6. Weather Data Received: Check that the weather data ages shown are current. If they are not, wait for them to update.