As a member of SAFE, am I eligible for a discount on my subscription?

ForeFlight recognizes the importance of organizations that endeavor to promote professionalism and excellence in aviation education.  Because of this, we have partnered with the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) to provide ForeFlight Mobile subscriptions at 33% off the regular annual subscription price.

To be eligible for this offer, your SAFE membership must be active in the SAFE database.  Also, you will need to have your SAFE membership name, member number, and current email address in the SAFE membership database.  Last, you will need to have your SAFE Membership Privacy Options set to participate in the Trusted Members Discount program. 

If you are a new SAFE member, this offer will be available within 1 to 2 business days after the start of your SAFE membership.

If you are a current SAFE member and would like to subscribe to ForeFlight, just click the eligibility button below.  You can also renew early or upgrade your plan at any time to get the discount. We do not provide retroactive discounts or partial refunds of prior purchases.

Please check the SAFE Discount Eligibility Page to see if you are eligible for this discount.