Why is my flight plan rejected when filing with an RNAV SID or STAR?

In order to file an RNAV SID or STAR, an ICAO flight plan form (not the FAA/Domestic form) is required. You must also configure your aircraft profile properly in order to file an RNAV SID or STAR in ForeFlight Web or ForeFlight Mobile under Aircraft > Tail Number. A common aircraft profile configuration for General Aviation aircraft includes ICAO Equipment codes: G, R, S and ICAO PBN code D2 (RNAV 1 GNSS). D2 indicates the aircraft is RNAV 1 capable using a GPS sensor. Additional RNAV 1 capabilities include D3 (RNAV 1 DME/DME), D4 (RNAV 1 DME/IRU), and D1 (RNAV 1 All Sensors). You may also want to familiarize yourself with FAA AC 90-100A, which provides guidance for operation on U.S. Area Navigation (RNAV) routes, instrument departure procedures (DPs), and Standard Terminal Arrivals (STAR).

Note: Not all GPS systems qualify for RNAV 1 procedures. Refer to your Flight Manual Supplement, look for a statement that indicates the system complies with FAA AC 90-100A. If you do not find such a statement, you can look up your system in the AC 90-100A Compliance Tables.

NOTE: These settings should only be used if they apply to your specific aircraft.


Image 1: Select ICAO form typeImage 1: Select ICAO form type


Image 2: Be sure the ICAO equipment codes have at least G, R, and S selected.



Image 3: Be sure PBN code D2 is selected.