If I have multiple devices providing ADS-B, GPS, or AHRS data, which device's data is used?

If you have two ADS-B sources connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth they will compete within ForeFlight, leading to possible errors in traffic or weather information. Therefore, you should only have one ADS-B source connected to ForeFlight at a time.  

Pilots with a Flight Stream 210 and a Garmin ADS-B In source, or a Garmin GTX345 ADS-B In transponder, should not simultaneously connect to a Stratus receiver due to potential for "competition" between the ADS-B weather and traffic sources.  

Pilots with a Flight Stream 210 and NO Garmin ADS-B In source may simultaneously connect to a Stratus receiver.

When GPS and AHRS data are provided by both a Stratus and a Garmin Connext device, ForeFlight Mobile will default to utilizing the Garmin data over the Stratus data.  If the Garmin AHRS or GPS data is lost, ForeFlight Mobile will fall back to use the data from the Stratus receiver.