How do I connect to the FreeFlight RANGR?

To connect ForeFlight Mobile to your FreeFlight RANGR, perform the following:

STEP 1. In the iPad Settings app under WiFi, connect your iPad to the FreeFlight WiFi network.  The network name will be the serial number for your unit.

Connect to the FreeFlight WiFi network


STEP 2. Open ForeFlight Mobile and confirm that the connection is established under MORE > DEVICES. Tap the "FreeFlight" box to see detailed information about it.

FreeFlight connected under MORE > DEVICES in ForeFlight Mobile

STEP 3. On the Maps view, select Radar and Traffic from the Maps overlay menu. At the bottom of the view in the Instrument Panel, display the Accuracy instrument and make sure it's showing 10m or better.

FreeFlight accuracy should be at least 10m