How do I connect ForeFlight Mobile to Dynon SkyView?

Getting Started

ForeFlight Mobile connects to SkyView via a Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) connection.  You will need the following items to connect the devices:

1.  Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView for each screen you have installed.  The USB adapters may be purchased from an authorized Dynon Avionics dealer or directly from Dynon Avionics. Please see the Dynon website for current pricing.

2.  SkyView version 12.0 or later.

3.  ForeFlight Mobile version 6.7 or later.

After the Wi-Fi Adapter(s) are installed, configure the SkyView Wi-Fi network though SkyView’s setup menu. Refer to the current SkyView System Installation Guide for full instructions.


Connecting ForeFlight and SkyView

1.  Turn on SkyView.

2.  Open your iPad or iPhone Settings App.

3.  Tap on WiFi.

4.  Connect to the SkyView network.  You can verify the connection in ForeFlight Mobile in the following places:

     a.  On the Maps page along the top menu bar.

Image 1.  The Connect icon indicates that SkyView is connected.

     b.  In More > Devices, tap on the SkyView box on the right for connection details.

Image 2.  Navigate to More > Devices to see the SkyView connectivity status.