Does ForeFlight have Standardized Taxi Route information?

Yes.  Standardized Taxi Routes are published in the Notices to Airmen publication.  This publication is included in ForeFlight by going to DOCUMENTS > CATALOG > FAA > NOTICES TO AIRMEN.  

Once downloaded, open the Notices to Airmen publication.  Use the SEARCH button in the upper right and search for "Standardized Taxi Routes." The results should guide you to the airport you need Standardized Taxi Route information for.

If you do not use the search function, you can find the Standardized Taxi Routes in Part 4 (Graphic Notices), Section 3.

Image 1:  Download the "Notices to Airmen" publication from DOCUMENTS > CATALOG > FAA.


Image 2:  Search the FAA's "Notices to Airmen" publication for "Standardized Taxi Routes."


Image 3:  Sample Standardized Taxi Routes presentation.