What do the colored circles next to airport names on the Watch mean?

The colored circles indicate the flight category at each airport, as reported by the most recent METAR.

The color coding is the same as on other ForeFlight devices:

   Green: VFR. Ceiling greater than 3,000’ and visibility greater than 5 miles; includes sky clear.

   Blue: MVFR. Ceiling 1,000’ to 3,000’ and/or visibility 3 to 5 miles inclusive.

   Red: IFR. Ceiling 500’ to less than 1,000’ and/or visibility 1 to less than 3 miles.

   Magenta: LIFR. Ceiling less than 500’ and/or visibility less than 1 mile.

 A question mark indicates that an airport is not issuing METARs.



Image 1.  Flight categories shown on the Apple Watch.