Why am I seeing an Area Forecast (FA) for another region?

The Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City has three forecasters who issue the Area Forecasts (FA) for the Continental United States.  One forecaster is assigned the eastern USA (Boston and Miami regions), another is assigned the central USA (Fort Worth and Chicago regions), and the third is assigned the western USA (San Francisco and Salt Lake City regions).

Forecasters are allowed only 3000 characters to compose their FAs.  At times, this limitation is too restrictive, causing the forecasters to save characters by eliminating things like ellipses, attempting to further simplify the (Outlook) OTLK, simply stating "NO ROOM", or resorting to placing the synopsis section into another FA they produce.

In cases where an FA is placed into another FA, ForeFlight may put those two FA's together.  An example is provided below.

Image 1.  An FA for the Salt Lake City region that is combined with an FA for the San Fransisco region.

In the example above, the FA for the Salt Lake City region contained more information than the forecaster was able to squeeze into the 3000 character limit, so the forecaster added a note next to the synopsis: "SEE SFO FA FOR SYNOPSIS."  The SFO synopsis, which had the synopsis for the Salt Lake City region, was included within ForeFlight to be displayed.