Why do I see a "Baron" logo on the Maps page?

When connected to a Baron Mobile Link/XM system, a "Baron" logo will display in the lower right corner of the Maps page.

Image 1.  Baron logo showing a connection is established.

If you see the "Baron" logo and are not connected to or using a Baron Mobile Link/XM system, this is because you are connected to a WiFi network that is assigning IP addresses in the range that ForeFlight Mobile looks for to determine if the iPad is connected to a Baron Mobile Link system.  That IP range is "10.1.11.x".  This situation may be more common with a hotel or work WiFi network.

To remedy an unwanted "Baron" logo from showing when not connected to a Mobile Link system, try connecting to a different WiFi network or forgetting & reconnecting to that same network a few minutes later.  If that does not work, configure your router to assign IP addresses outside of 10.1.11.x.