Does Stratus work with other applications? What should I do after my Stratus stops working properly after using an unsupported application?

ForeFlight and Appareo do not recommend or advise using the Stratus device with unsupported third party applications that have attempted to reverse engineer the interface. If you do use Stratus with an unapproved third party application, the following instructions will be helpful in order to overcome the problems you are about to encounter. 

1. Reboot your iPad after using Stratus with the unsupported application and then re-connect to the Stratus network.
2. Launch ForeFlight to resume normal Stratus operations.
3. Do not activate the unsupported application while connected to Stratus, which would then require steps one and two to assure normal operations. 

If you do attempt to use Stratus with an unsupported application, you will need to reboot your iPad after each use of Stratus with the unsupported application, and then re-connect to Stratus. Failure to do so has been shown to disable use of Stratus in some cases, among other issues. 

Unauthorized companies making claims that they "support" Stratus are in our opinion misleading. They are not endorsed or supported by AFS, LLC (the joint venture that makes the product, of which ForeFlight is a member) and therefore we cannot confirm or verify any unsupported app maker's claim to deliver a safe and reliable experience. 

Unsupported applications are known to: 
* Display inaccurate or incomplete ADS-B information.
* Display inaccurate flight parameters (e.g. AHRS information).
* Create a denial of service to Stratus functions.