How do I troubleshoot a METAR viewing issue on the Airports page?

This article will help you troubleshoot an issue where METARs are not displaying on the Airports page.  

STEP 1:  Do you have a working internet connection on your device?  You can test this by trying to visit various websites using the Safari app.

No:  Stop here.  Please connect to a working internet connection.

Yes:  Continue to Step 2.


STEP 2:  Is your Date & Time setting set up correctly?  To check this, open the devices SETTINGS APP and go to GENERAL > DATE & TIME and make sure the switch is ON next to SET AUTOMATICALLY and that your TIME ZONE is correct.

No:  Stop here:  Please turn the switch ON next to SET AUTOMATICALLY and set the TIME ZONE to the correct zone. 

Yes:  Continue to Step 3.


STEP 3:  Is your ForeFlight app connected to any devices?  To check this go to MORE > DEVICES.

No:  Please contact our Pilot Support Team for further assistance.

Yes:  Stop here.  Disconnect that device.