Is ForeFlight (EFB) legal in Canada?

If you are flying under Part VI in Canada (US Part 91 equivalent), there are currently no specific laws regulating the use of electronic flight bags and digital charts and procedures for general aviation.  The pilot is responsible for ensuring that operations are conducted in a safe manner, requiring the pilot to assess how the electronic flight bag will be integrated into day-to-day flight operations. Here are some items in particular to consider:

1. CAR 602.08 states that the operator or pilot of an aircraft will need to determine whether the intended device will cause any interference to aircraft systems.  
2. CAR 602.60(1)(b) states the requirement to carry on-board all the necessary current aeronautical charts and publications covering the route of the proposed flight and any probable diversionary route if the aircraft is operated in VFR OTT, night VFR flight or IFR flight. The regulation does not specifically state that the publications must be in paper format and electronic publications such as those contained in EFBs meet the intent of CAR 602.60(1)(b).
3. CAR 602.71 states the requirement that the PIC of an aircraft shall, before commencing a flight, be familiar with the available information that is appropriate to the intended flight.  This requirement applies to electronic information as well as it does to paper-based information.