How do I improve the reception of my Stratus receiver through different mounting options?

Improving reception quality for the Stratus receivers is largely tied to where and how the receiver is positioned within the cockpit.  The cockpit environment also plays a large role with structure, window material, and obstructions contributing to the potential for decreased reception.  The goal for increasing reception is to create an unobstructed view of the ground.  

Here are three mounting options to consider:

1.  Good Option - Use the included Gel-Base (Stratus 2).  Set the base in the glare shield as close to the edge of the windscreen as practical to allow for the best view of the ground.  This works will with wind screens that are not electrically heated.  

2.  Better Option - Use a suction cup mount.  Use this method to mount the Stratus in the most practical position that allows it to have an unobstructed view of the ground.  Here is an example:

3.  Best Option - Use an External GPS antenna.  This works especially well for those pilot's that want to mount the Stratus in a specific area that would not have good reception.  Here is an example: