Do the Garmin GDL 39, 39 3D, or 39R ADS-B receivers work with ForeFlight?

Yes, ForeFlight is compatible with the GDL 39, 39 3D, and 39R ADS-B receivers that have firmware version 4.0.0 or later installed.

The portable GDL 39 delivers ADS-B weather and traffic, as well as GPS data. The portable GDL 39 3D has the same features as the GDL 39, but with its internal attitude sensor, adds dynamic pitch and bank information to ForeFlight’s backup attitude and Synthetic Vision views.  The GDL 39R delivers ADS-B weather and traffic and is designed to work with the Garmin G3X Touch.

Below is a chart of those stand-alone GDL features that work with ForeFlight.  Please contact Garmin for full details on expanded capability options for each device.

GDL Model ADS-B Traffic ADS-B Weather AHRS Attitude  WAAS GPS Connection Type
GDL 39 X* Bluetooth
GDL 39 3D   Bluetooth
GDL 39R   X*  X*  Bluetooth

* This feature may be available with additional hardware from Garmin. Contact Garmin for details.