Do you have a sample complex Weight & Balance profile I could view?

This article offers some insight into how a complex aircraft W&B profile is set up and how it looks. A 2005 Citation Bravo Jet was used for this example.  To view this sample Aircraft W&B profile in ForeFlight, copy the following address into an email and email it to your device.  Tapping on it should open the profile in ForeFlight:  


The first thing to notice is the number of stations used.  This aircraft has loading options for 18 stations plus fuel.  This includes baggage areas, bar storage, book shelves, hanging storage, 8 passenger seats, and more.   

Note the number of Stations used

Note the multiple weight limits entered. These include a 350 lb Nose Storage limit, a 600 lb Aft Cabin Baggage limit, a 300 lb Tail Baggage Forward limit, and a 200 lb Tail Baggage Aft limit.   

Weight limits are displayed below the line description

When SETUP is selected, a Fuel Moment Table is displayed.  This aircraft offers 49 entries for this table - very time-consuming.  The biggest mistake that can be made here is using a Moment that is divided by 100 or 1000 in the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM).  Be sure the moment number entered is the full Moment number.  Trying to enter an arm value will not work.  


Moment numbers used from the manual need to be multiplied by 100 to allow for correct entry in the ForeFlight W&B Aircraft Profile

As a good check, notice how the CG Envelope looks very similar to the one published in the AFM.  You can also confirm the CG Envelope Limit Points.  

Compare Graph and Limit Points with your AFM or POH

A complex aircraft W&B Profile is similar to a simple aircraft except there is a lot more to enter.  The more entries there are, the more potential for mistakes. When looking at a more complex W&B profile, be sure to look at every entry to confirm the correct format and number is used.  Looking at the overall sample W&B profile provided above will give you a better idea about how a complex aircraft W&B profile looks and how to interact with it.