Downloads - Missing Charts / Diagrams / Maps / Plates Troubleshooting

This article will help you troubleshoot a Downloads issue.  This article specifically addresses an issue where the Downloads fail to download at all or stall part-way through the downloading process.

STEP 1:  Have you set up your download setting correctly?  (See How do I set up and update my downloads?)

Verify that your Download settings are correctly set up by following these steps:

1: From within ForeFlight mobile, tap on the MORE button.

2: Select DOWNLOADS at the top of the menu.

3: From the DOWNLOADS menu, select the area for which you need the charts (i.e. United States). 

4: In the top section of the menu, select what type of items you want to download (i.e. VFR CHARTS).

5: In the States list, select the geographic areas for which you want those items (i.e. Texas).

6: Once you have made all your selections, select the DOWNLOADS back button at the top-left portion of the menu in the dark blue section.

7: Tap the blue DOWNLOAD button on the bottom of the menu to start downloading your selections. 

For more on downloads, please see the downloads section in the ForeFlight Mobile Pilot's Guide:  

No:  Stop here.  Please set up your downloads.

Yes:  Continue to Step 2.


STEP 2:  Do you have enough free space on the drive of your device?   

You can found out by going to the device's SETTINGS app and tap on GENERAL > ABOUT. Look at the AVAILABLE line to see how much memory space remains on your device.

No:  Stop here:  You will need to free up space to continue to download more data. 

Yes:  Continue to Step 3.


STEP 3:  Are you connected to a reliable internet source (Wi-Fi, Cellular)?

You can use the Safari app to test your internet connectivity by using it to go to a website such as    

No:  Stop here.  Connect to a reliable internet source

Yes:  Continue to Step 4.


STEP 4:  Are you connected to a VPN? 

If you are connected to a VPN, you will want to disconnect from the VPN.

No: Continue to Step 5.

Yes: Stop here. Disconnect from your VPN.


STEP 5:  Have you tried another Wi-Fi network? 

If possible, are you able to try downloads while connected to a Wi-Fi network other than the one you are using at this time?

No: Stop here.  If possible, try another Wi-Fi network.

Yes: Continue to Step 6.


STEP 6:  If you go to the PLATES page, are you able to view an airport plate that has not already been downloaded? 

No: Stop here:  This indicates a potential server or internet problem.  Please get in touch with the Pilot Support Team for more assistance.  

Yes: Continue to Step 7.


STEP 7:  Go to MORE > DOWNLOADS and select DELETE and DELETE EXPIRED.  After that, try the downloads again.  After you have done that, are you able to download the items now?

No:  Continue to Step 8.

Yes.  Stop here.  


STEP 8.   Go to MORE > DOWNLOADS and select DELETE and DELETE ALL.  After that, try the downloads again.  Does this allow the downloads to work?
No:  Continue to Step 9.

Yes.  Stop here.  


STEP 9:  Perform a restart of ForeFlight.  Does this allow the downloads to work?

To restart ForeFlight, follow these steps:
1. Exit ForeFlight and go to the main iPhone or iPad home screen
2. Press the button at the bottom of the iPhone/iPad twice in a row (Double Click).  Apps in use will be displayed in the center of the screen.  If they don't appear - please try again until they do.
3. Find the ForeFlight icon by scrolling through the apps left or right.  
4.  Touch the ForeFlight app and swipe it upwards off of the screen.  This will stop ForeFlight from running in the background.
5. Tap on the top of the home button to exit. 
6. Tap the ForeFlight Mobile icon to restart ForeFlight.

No:  Continue to Step 10.  

Yes.  Stop here.


STEP 10:  Reboot the device.  Does this allow downloads to download?

Here's how to perform a hard reboot of your device.

Press-and-hold the button at the top of your device for a few seconds until a red slider appears on the screen, then slide that to turn it off.  After it finishes shutting down, press the button again to turn it back on.
After the device starts back up, are you able to download the items?

No:  Stop here.  Please contact the Pilot Support Team for more assistance.

Yes:  Stop here.