How do I get my Expected Route if my tail number is blocked?

The FAA Limited Aircraft Data Display program (LADD) allows owners or operators to block their aircraft tail numbers at the FAA source or subscriber level.

FAA Source Level Blocking

Aircraft that have their registration numbers blocked at the FAA source-level will not receive expected route notifications in ForeFlight. FAA source-level blocking hides all aircraft information from FAA vendors (i.e. ForeFlight). 

Subscriber Level Blocking

With subscriber level blocking, aircraft data is made available from the FAA data feeds to vendors (i.e. ForeFlight). This option allows ForeFlight to retrieve expected route notifications from the FAA data feed. When an expected route notification is retrieved for your aircraft, a pop-up notification appears in ForeFlight Mobile.

To receive expected route notifications in ForeFlight, request subscriber-level blocking or no blocking from the FAA. Requests can be made at