How do I troubleshoot a geo-referencing problem?

Here are steps for troubleshooting a geo-referencing problem: 

STEP 1.  Do you have a ForeFlight Pro Plus or Performance Plus subscription?   

To see if you do, open ForeFlight and go to MORE > ACCOUNTS and check your subscription type.

No:  Stop here.  You will need to upgrade your subscription to be able to enjoy the geo-referencing capability within ForeFlight. To upgrade, please use this page:

Yes:  Continue to step 2.


STEP 2.  Is the geo-referencing problem associated with all plates, (ie: not just 1 plate, or just plates for 1 airport)?

No:  Stop here:  Some approach plates are not geo-referenced.  This usually has to do with an error made by the FAA in terms of the correct location of waypoints in scaleable terms.  

Yes:  Continue to step 3.


STEP 3:  Is the Approach plate in question current (not expired)?

If you look at your approach plate, does the date displayed on the right side indicate that the plate is current?  Expired plates will cause geo-referencing to be disabled. 

No:  Stop here.  Please download the latest charts and delete expired charts.

Yes:  Continue to step 4.


STEP 4: Is your GPS working on the Maps page? 

If you open ForeFlight and go to the MAPS page, are you able to see your aircraft position on the Map?  

No:  Stop here and go to this article to troubleshoot the GPS:  How do I troubleshoot my Internal GPS if it is not working? OR How do I troubleshoot my external GPS (bluetooth) that is not working?

Yes:  Continue to step 5.


STEP 5:  Is "Enable Ownship" set to Always?

To find out, open ForeFlight and go to MORE and then SETTINGS.  Scroll almost all the way down and make sure that ENABLE OWNSHIP is set to ALWAYS.  

No:  Stop here:  Please set "Enable Ownship" to "Always"

Yes:  Continue to step 6.


STEP 6:  Do you have a current Airport Database?

If you go to MORE > DOWNLOADS, is the date listed for your Airport Database current? 

No:  Stop here.  Please download the current airport database.

Yes:  Stop here.  Please contact the Pilot Support Team for help.