What is Hazard Advisor?

Hazard Advisor is a preflight and inflight map overlay that depicts terrain relative to a selected altitude. Terrain is colored (red/yellow) based on the Hazard Altitude setting near the bottom of the screen. Hazard Advisor requires a ForeFlight Pro Plus or higher subscription. 

Preflight Hazard Analysis

Beginning with ForeFlight Mobile version 14.2, Hazard Advisor can be used during preflight to analyze the terrain along your route of flight. Use the altitude slider on the right side of the map and select the appropriate Hazard Altitude setting to analyze your routes.

The Hazard Advisor selected altitude is automatically updated when an altitude selection is made using Altitude Advisor, Route Advisor, or Profile View. The altitude slider does not affect your planned altitude. 

Hazard Advisor In Flight 

When GPS speed is greater than activation speed, the selected altitude automatically changes to reflect the GPS altitude. In-flight, nearby obstacles within 1,000’ of GPS altitude are depicted on the map with Hazard Advisor enabled. 

Hazard altitude can be adjusted in flight with the map slider. When the slider is adjusted, Hazard Advisor depicts terrain at the selected altitude for twelve seconds. Tap Auto at the top of the slider to return to GPS altitude. Watch the Hazard Advisor Feature Focus video for more information. 


NOTE: Hazard Advisor requires the High-Resolution Terrain download.

NOTE: The Corridor Width setting is applicable to terrain depicted on the Profile View.