Why can't I see my aircraft icon on the Maps page even though Distances Rings are showing?

"Enable Ownship" may be selected to Never in your Settings.  This is a setting used by FAR Part 135 operators to prevent the airplane position from showing on the map.  If Enable Ownship is set to Never, it won't show your airplane position (icon).

To enable "Ownship", please follow these steps:

  1.  Open ForeFlight on your iPad.
  2.  Tap on the MORE tab on the bottom-right.
  3.  Tap on SETTINGS in the left column.
  4.  SCROLL down to near the very bottom of the page until you find the PREFERENCES section.
  5.  Find the "ENABLE OWNSHIP" option.  Make sure that is set to ALWAYS.


Image 1:  Distance Rings are showing, but the aircraft positional icon is not.