How can I find information about VOR Test Facilities (VOT)?

Locations of VOTs are published in the Chart Supplement. To find what you need,

STEP 1. Go to the Documents tab.

STEP 2: Tap Catalog in the upper left corner.  

STEP 3. Tap FAA in the left column slide-over.

STEP 4. Tap the Chart Supplement (AFD) folder icon in the right column.

STEP 5. Tap on the chart supplement of interest to start downloading it. A green circle with a checkmark will appear when it is done downloading.

STEP 6. Tap on the supplement to open it.

STEP 7. Tap on the search button (looks like a magnifying glass).

STEP 8: Type "VOT" to get a listing of all the pages with VOR Test Facilities.

STEP 9. Tap on the search entry to go to that page. 


Chart supplement search showing VOT information



Chart supplement page showing VOT information.