What documents are included with the app?

Three document drives are included by default: FAA, ForeFlight, and NAV CANADA. Here’s a sampling of the documents included:


  • Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile
  • Filing with ForeFlight Mobile
  • ICAO Filing Quick Reference
  • ForeFlight Mobile Legends (a reference to weather and map symbology)
  • Light Gun Signals
  • Logbook in ForeFlight Mobile
  • Passenger Guide
  • Performance Planning in ForeFlight Mobile
  • Scout Quick Start Guide
  • Sentry Quick Start Guide
  • Stratus (Quick Start, 1s & 2S, 2nd Gen, Pilots Guide)
  • Search and Rescue in ForeFlight Mobile
  • Weight and Balance in ForeFlight Mobile
  • AOPA Folder
  • NBAA Folder


  • Digital Terminal Procedures Supplements
  • Domestic Flight Plan Form
  • International Flight Plan Form
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Fly Charts
  • IAP Touchdown Zone Elevation
  • Notices to Airmen
  • Chart Supplement (Airport/Facility Directory)
  • Class B enhancement graphics
  • Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
  • Multiple FAA 8083 Handbooks (Airplane Flying Handbook, Aviation Weather Handbook, etc.)
  • Legends: IFR, VFR, and TAC Chart Legends
  • Visual Chart Supplements

Nav Canada:

  • Aerodrome Chart Legend
  • Aeronautical Information Manual
  • Canada Flight Supplement (CFS)
  • Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement
  • NAV CANADA Legends: IAP legends, speed tables, minimal legends, profile view legends, chart legends and more
  • AIP
  • DND
  • Fly Charts