Do I need to make any changes within ForeFlight Mobile to start using ICAO flight plan forms?

Yes, you need to enter ICAO specific information about your aircraft by going to MORE > AIRCRAFT. Tap on the aircraft you want to edit then scroll down to the Filing section. Below are common selections used for GA operations:

ICAO Equipment: Select the avionics on board, the most common selections are:

     S (standard) - Almost all aircraft will select this, which includes VOR, ILS, and VHF Com

     G - Select if you have a GPS

     D - Select if you have a DME

     F - Select if you have an ADF

     B - Select if you have a WAAS capable aircraft with LPV

     R - Select if you need to use a PBN code


ICAO Surveillance: Select the transponder and any ADS-B Out equipment. A transponder code is always required. The most common codes used are:

     C - Select for a Mode A/C transponder

     S - Select for a Mode S transponder

     E - Select this for Mode S, ID, Alt, Squitter (Select this if you are ADS-B Out Equipped)

     B1 - Select for 1090ES ADS-B Out (You must still select E, S, or C Transponder to be able to file)

     U1 - Select for UAT Out (You must still select E, S, or C transponder to be able to file)

     U2 - Select for UAT Out/In (You must still select E, S, or C transponder to be able to file)


Wake Turbulence: Select the category for your aircraft:

     Light - This is the default and is for any aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 15,500 pounds or less.

     Medium - This is used for aircraft with a Maximum takeoff weight that is between 15,501 to 299,999 pounds.

     Heavy - This is used for aircraft with a Maximum takeoff weight that is between 300,000 pounds or more.


ICAO PBN codes: Select the PBN capabilities. Most GA aircraft will not qualify for many PBN codes, these are not used by most GA aircraft with the exception listed below:

     D2 - Used in order to fly RNAV SIDs and RNAV STARs. SIDs and STARs with RNAV in the title require this PBN code to be specified whereas standard SIDs and STARs don’t.  All IFR-approved WAAS GPS receivers will qualify for PBN D2, while most non-WAAS GPS receivers will not qualify, with the exception of the Garmin GNS 430 and non-WAAS G1000. If you're not sure whether your GPS receiver qualifies for D2, refer to this document from the FAA, or check the receiver's installed database for RNAV procedures - if no RNAV procedures are included then the GPS does not qualify for D2.


Other Information: Select miscellaneous capabilities. The most common are:

     NAV/ - Used for other navigation specifications

     REG/ - Used for registration number when not used as the call sign

     TYP/ - Used for aircraft types that are not listed as ICAO

See the Filing with ForeFlight guide for additional details. The guide is also available in the ForeFlight app in DOCUMENTS > CATALOG > FOREFLIGHT.