I bought ForeFlight Pro Plus but geo-referencing isn't showing up.

Geo-referencing is not available on arrivals, departures, text documents, and airports outside of the United States and Canada.  To troubleshoot a geo-referencing problem, please follow these steps:

STEP 1:  Is your "Pro" level subscription license hooked to your device?  Go to MORE > ACCOUNTS and confirm that your plan reads as 'Pro USA' or 'Pro Canada' on the Subscription line.

Image 1:  Subscriptions active that have geo-referencing.

No.  Wait 10 seconds, while connected to the internet, for the plan license to download to your device. If it still doesn't show up, try signing out of your account and then signing back in.  

Yes:  Continue to step 2.


STEP 2.  Are you running ForeFlight Mobile version 3.9.0 or newer?  Go to MORE > ABOUT.  At the top of the screen is the version number - make sure it reads v3.9.0 or higher. 

Image 2.  ForeFlight app version showing newer than 3.9.0

No.  If it reads v3.8 or lower, you'll need to update the app from the App Store.

Yes.  Continue to Step 3.


STEP 3.  Have you downloaded the latest version of the Airport Database and Terminal Procedures?  Go to MORE > DOWNLOADS to check.

Image 3.  Airport Database and Terminal Procedures are up to date.

No.  Go to MORE > DOWNLOADS and download the latest version of the Airport Database and Terminal Procedures.

Yes.  Continue to step 4.


STEP 4.  Is the plate or diagram you are viewing geo-referenced?  You can use this article on geo-referencing to see if you plate or diagram is geo-referenced.   

No.  Not all plates and diagrams are able to be geo-referenced due to an issue with the accuracy of the drawing.  

Yes.  If you see the faint blue box but do not see your aircraft position, that means your GPS is having a problem getting a fix. Please see these articles for more troubleshooting tips:

     How do I troubleshoot my Internal GPS if it is not working

     How do I troubleshoot my external (Bluetooth) GPS if it is not working?