Where should I place Stratus in my aircraft?

A snap-in mount is included with Stratus. Additionally, a suction cup mount is available for purchase from your Stratus retailer. Both the ADS-B and the GPS antennas are inside your second generation Stratus allowing for no wire operation. However both antennas can be remoted if desired which offers a wide variety of mounting options. If using the snap-in mount to place Stratus in your aircraft, the mount should be placed on the glareshield as close as practical to the pilot and copilot seats to help prevent overheating as it will be easier for Stratus to draw the cool air from the cabin through its fan. If you are using Stratus with the AHRS app Stratus Horizon, you should mount Stratus so that it is perpendicular to the back of the aircraft; parallel to the aircraft’s centerline.