How do I connect to my Stratus?

You connect to Stratus via Wi-Fi. Each Stratus creates its own Wi-Fi network, to which you can connect multiple iPads or iPhones.  To connect your Stratus via Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

1.  Open the iPad or iPhone SETTINGS APP.

2.  Tap on the WI-FI line.

3.  Make sure that WI-FI is turned ON.

4.  Tap on the STRATUS NETWORK under "CHOOSE A NETWORK..."

5.  A checkmark will appear next to the Stratus network once connected.

Image 1.  Connect your Stratus in iPad or iPhone SETTINGS > WI-FI.

6.  Open FOREFLIGHT MOBILE and go to MORE > DEVICES to confirm the connection of your Stratus.

Image 2.  Stratus shows connected under MORE > DEVICES.

7. If Stratus is not showing connected in ForeFlight and you have iOS 14 later, ensure Local Network access is granted in your iPad or iPhone's Settings app > ForeFlight; or Settings > Privacy > Local Network > ForeFlight.


Image 3. iOS Settings > Local Network setting