What Satellite coverage is provided while connected to the Internet?

ForeFlight offers an Enhanced Satellite Map layer that uses a combination of visible and infrared satellite imagery to provide a global image of cloud formations. Visible satellite images are primarily used during daytime and are “enhanced” with infrared highlights for the highest cloud tops. During the night, when visible satellite images are not available, the layer relies entirely on infrared images.


Image 1. Enhanced Satellite Map Layer

A Color IR Satellite map layer is also available on Maps. This map layer relies solely on infrared satellite imagery to display global cloud coverage and uses a more refined color scale to represent cloud top temperature.


Image 2. Color IR Satellite Map Layer

Additional national and regional satellite coverage is available in Imagery. Visible satellite imagery is updated every 15 minutes. After sunset, these images will be totally black leaving just the geopolitical boundaries.


Image 3. Visible Satellite Imagery

Infrared satellite is a colorized depiction of temperature in degrees Celsius and is available during both day and nighttime hours.


 Image 4. Infrared Satellite Imagery